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Restaurant Equipment Installation

Performance Service & Electrical, LLC has industry-related experience that spans over 20 years. We take great pride in our Restaurant Equipment Installation and are honored to be a part of helping the kitchens in our community.

There is a variety of appliances that make up the professional commercial kitchen. If you're going to invest in professional kitchen equipment for your establishment, then you should also invest in a professional installation to ensure your appliances achieve their intended lifespan and operate at peak performance for the duration of their time in your kitchen. Our installations take into consideration that you have a hectic routine, so we minimize any downtime and work with your to coordinate installations around your peak hours of operation.

Commercial Oven Installation

Restaurant Equipment InstallationAt the forefront of all your kitchen operations is the commercial oven. A large majority of your cooking will be done, at least in part, by using your oven. Let us ensure that you get the peak performance and optimal longevity you deserve, from your oven.

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Commercial Fryer Installation

A commercial fryer is another integral element of your commercial culinary space. Get flavorful food in a fraction of the time, and keep up with the demand of your customers. Above all else, let us provide you with the installation service that you need in order to keep things up and running with your fryer for years to come.

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Commercial Stove Installation

Your commercial stove is where you take care of all those important cooking related services, such as boiling, pan searing and pan frying. However, your ability to get the right temperatures, even-cooking, and quality results comes down to the stove you choose and the installation work invested into it.

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Commercial Grill Installation

Grilling certain foods creates a flavorful experience like no other process. A quality grill installed to perfection will allow you to focus on making that special short-order dish you're known for. Before we leave after an installation, we make sure that it performs the way that it was intended.

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If you are looking for a Nashville restaurant equipment installation service, please call us today at 615-319-0511 or complete our online request form.