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Commercial Food Processor Repair

A food processor in a commercial kitchen is a very useful tool. Aside from regular cleaning, it is fairly maintenance-free, however, as it gets used more frequently some controls can become faulty, or the blades could need sharpening. If you've invested in a very high-end commercial food processor, it may be cheaper to repair rather than replace. We take pride in providing restaurant equipment repair services for commercial kitchens, so no item is too small for us to diagnose.

Commercial Kitchen Food Processor Repairs

Just as any other style of kitchen equipment, a food processor has its own unique types of common problems. A few examples for a processor include:

  • Regulary cleaning is mandatory, you cannot allow rust to form since it is going to come in contact with food. Make sure to follow the cleaning requirements following each use and you can avoid the likelihood of rust forming.
  • If a blade becomes stuck, you should discontinue use, disconnect the power and call us to come repair it. We have the proper tools needed to dislodge the blade and further troubleshoot the cause.
  • If you notice that your blades are not cutting the food the way that they should be, it is time to opt for blade sharpening. If your food processor is still in relatively good condition, it makes more sense to keep it and sharpen the blades for better performance. Over time, however, it may become more cost-effective to replace an older food processor.
  • Commercial Kitchen Food Processor Repair Experts

    Performance Service & Electrical, LLC is the local leading service provider for commercial kitchen equipment. With over 20 years servicing Nashville restaurants, we can help you with all types of commercial kitchen repairs including commercial food processors.

    If you are looking for a Nashville food processor repair service, please call us today at 615-319-0511 or complete our online request form.