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Commercial Heat Lamp Repair

Every commercial kitchen needs some type of food warming equipment; the choices are usually a steam table or a heat lamp. In many instances, a restaurant may opt for both. Once you have a food warmer in place, you need to also have a professional in mind to address heat lamp repairs as they arise.

Performance Service & Electrical, LLC can provide you with any type of commercial kitchen equipment repairs you may need. With over 20 years serving commercial kitchens, our goal is to ensure that your kitchen can keep running smoothly at all times, making it possible for you to maintain the day to day operations of your restaurant. Neglecting repair needs can result in lost customers and lost revenue. We make repairs fast and easy so that you can get back to focusing on your hungry customers.

Commercial Heat Lamp Repairs

Heat lamps are a vital element in the restaurant business. They help reduce the costs of losing food and are most commonly used in the kitchen when keeping food warm until it is picked up by the expediter. They may also be used for buffet style layouts, keeping food warm before guests can serve themselves. When these bulbs start to burn out, the temperature at which they keep the prepared food may become inadequate.

There are two main styles of heat lamps – food warmers and strip warmers. Each one works better in certain situations, and for certain foods. For example, food warmers are ideal for small amounts of food for a brief holding time, while strip warmers can usually take care of bigger jobs. Placement of these appliances in your commercial kitchen can determine how often you will need to clean them and replace the bulbs. Regardless of the style you have, Performance Service & Electrical, LLC can address your need for restaurant equipment repair services. We look forward to addressing your repair and service needs in a timely fashion.

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