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The Steam Kettle – Is Your Commercial Kitchen Missing This Key Ingredient?

Owning a Nashville restaurant can feel like an overwhelming task, some days. Especially when it comes to all the appliances, equipment and gadgets that you may end up needing. Discerning which items are more important, by better understanding the benefits they offer, is one way to prioritize your shopping and wish list.

Steam jacketed kettles are one example of what must kitchens consider a must-have, and for plenty of good reasons. These devices come in a variety of sizes, and that will be the difficult decision to make – what size works best for your culinary needs?

Making Use of a Steam Kettle in Your Kitchen

If you are considering a steam jacket kettle for your commercial kitchen, here are some of the ways in which it will enrich your culinary experience:

Stews, pasta and chili are ideal entrees that can be cooked and kept warm in a steam kettle. This piece of equipment functions much like a double boiler. It is essentially a basin inside another basin, with steam between the two. This jacketed appliance creates a great deal of heat for cooking or can be cooled for just keeping foods warm.

Soups are probably the most commonly prepared food in this device. Why waste precious stove top burners when this kettle can do your cooking? Similar to a crock pot, they can be set to cook for hours or even overnight. Just make sure that you have utensils that are long enough to reach and stir the bottom. Otherwise, this will compromise the integrity and quality of the soup.

This is also an ideal appliance to use for cooking sauces. This can mean sauce for immediate use, or sauces that will be canned and preserved. Either way, it is about the only convenient way in which to prepare such large quantities of sauce.

But wait, there's still more! A steam kettle is the perfect way to create a variety of other foods, as well. Some examples include jellies, jams, puddings, custards, and so much more. Dishes that use a lot of eggs, such as custards, must be monitored and stirred in order to prevent overcooking.

Get the Best in Service

Whether you want questions answered about steam kettles or are in need of steam kettle repairs, we can take care of that for you. At Performance Service & Electrical, LLC, we have been providing exceptional service work for our commercial clients, for over a decade now. The bottom line is that we know what it takes to get the job done and leave each customer with 100% satisfaction.

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